How is Host Palace??

hello guys, i need a rent a server for one or two mounth, how is host palace? they network? they support? :confused:… | Read the rest of

First Github, now Redhat sold

First we have Github being bought by Microsoft, now this: IBM is acquiring software company Red Hat for $ 34 billion. [url]https://www.busin… | Read the rest of

Solve piecewise function

I have two piecewise function equ1 = Piecewise[{{0.524324 + 0.0376478x, 0.639464 <= x <= 0.839322}}] equ2 = Piecewise[{{-0.506432 + 1.48068x, 0.658914 <= x <= 0.77085}}] Now, I am trying to…

How are blocks verified?

I see in the bitcoin wiki there is something called “script” which compiles down to some bytecode to be run by a very very basic virtual machine. Does this mean…