Parallelize import of many files

I’m trying to speed up the import of a large number of files, using ParallelTable to store them in a indexed variable, eqDump. The files are in the folder “Frames” and are named “Conf_Run.1000”, “Conf_Run.2000”, … Here is what I’ve tried,

    Clear[eqDump];         SetSharedFunction[eqDump];     ParallelTable[       eqDump[t] = Import["Frames/Conf_Run." <> ToString[t]                     ,"Table"                     ,HeaderLines -> 9]     ,{t, 5000, 1000000, 5000}]; 

But the execution doesn’t even seems to start, the kernels remain idle. I don’t know whats happening, since I think it should work in the same way as here for example. I’ve tried also to SetSharedVariable[t] since I supposed each kernel should know the current t value, but doesn’t seem to help.

Thank you very much!