Partitioning Scheme x Ubuntu

I’m trying to figure out how the minimun partition scheme requiring when i use BIOS or UEFI, MBR or GPT…..and LVM together because i’m really confused. Below i put the Simplest partition scheme combining together MBR,GPT UEFI and LVM Could you tell me if what i wrote is correct?


1 swap 2 /


1 Bios-grub 2 swap 3 /


1 EFI boot partition 2 swap 3 /

BIOS + LVM i need to set /boot as Standard Partitions to make the linux bootable

1 /boot as standard Partition 2 swap LVM storage 3 / LV Storage

for BIOS with GPT Disk plus LVM? i need just to add the bios-grub partition(to support GPT disk) and the separated standard partition /boot to let linux to boot?

1 Bios-grub 2 /boot 3 swap LVM Storage 4 / LVM Storage

UEFI + LVM? just add the EFI partition to support UEFI and /boot standard partittion to let linux to boot or not?

1 efi 2 /boot 3 swap LVM Storage 4 / LVM Storage

Any clarification would be great……Tanks in advance