Password managers security [closed]

What is the reliable site or resource that lists those password managers that have been thoroughly tested by users and that have the most reliability?

  1. From the point of security: that they do not have access to your data, that it is impossible to hack their data, etc.
  2. From the point of reliability (say, the software crashes with all of your passwords – what would you do if you entrust it with all of your passwords, or say their servers are blocked in your country/their country blockes it)
  3. From the point of usability. Say, you need to have specific features, such as an android app with local storage and possibility to create offline password archives, or say you want it to generate passwords in certain patterns, or have both auto-generated passwords and to input passwords yourself.

In general I do not like the idea of entrusting all of my passwords to some software which is just software and may crash or cease existing anytime. It seems even more reliable to store all of the passwords in just a notebook or a text file with several copies.