Pathfinder 2e: Cleric feats, skills and spells to create a strong battle medic

I’m having some trouble deciding on my feats, skills and spells. Everything else I’m already sold on.

I understand that warpriest clerics are given armor proficiency to help make creating a 2nd edition battle medic super easy, but I’m trying to balance my character perfectly between doing damage with my deity’s weapon and healing my allies. I’m having a lot of trouble judging which trade-offs to take so that I can hit harder while still being a viable healer.

As a character, I’ve chosen Cleric, Warpriest, Dwarf, Medium Armror, Shelyn, Glaive, and Pick.

Not that it should influence my decision much, but the but my allies in this group are: rogue, sorcerer, barbarian, monk, and fighter(longbow). Here are things I’m trying to be good at:

  • Glaive
  • Pick
  • Healing
  • Crafting

Someone may wonder why I’m trying to be good at two melee weapons, and the reason is that I like to build my melee characters with both reach weaponry and close weaponry. This way I can sit behind the barbarian or defend myself when someone circles around. Another person may ask why the focus on crafting, that comes from character roleplaying. I’m a very wholesome dwarf who really loves worshipping Shelyn. She demands that I master a craft!

I’m having a hard time hitting all the prerequisites for feats. It seems like I don’t have enough to take what is required to be a great healer and a great warrior.