Pause and resume execution of stored procedure

There are two processes(p1, p2) that may run simultaneously. p2 is a scheduled execution of SPROC while p1 consists of a group of stored procedures that is triggered on the request. Execution of p1 while p2 is in progress can create issues. Only one should run at a time. There are three ways to solve this problem

  1. When p1 starts check whether p2 is in progress and wait until it completes. p2 can run for more than a day and it might not be a preferable solution
  2. Kill p2, complete p1 and then restart p2. Killing and restarting p2 isn’t safe due to nature of the sproc
  3. pause p2 and resume p2 when p1 completes


1. How can I search and stop store procedure being executed?

2. Is there any way I can pause and resume a stored procedure that is being executed?