peace of code hidden inside stegano image [closed]

I’m trying to decipher a stegano file, a jpg image. I am new to so pleace dont get mad if my question seems to be a simple one.

I friend of mine send me a jpg image. I have tried steghide to unhide the hidden file without any luck. My password guesses seem to keep failing.

An other approach was one I found on youtube.

Here I do not seem to get further then the first few steps where this man finds the (binairy) string he uses to decypher. In my case there is a large string at the end of the file but its hidden, which means I can not see the characters used but still seem to be able to copy and paste this peace. When I use python to decypher this string it says that there is a "^" placed inside it. Now I can not follow the method in the youtube clip either.

Can somebody help me out here?