Performing LSTM on multiple columns separately

I have a LSTM neural network to test the prediction ability of this network and it works for one column. But now I want to use several columns for different items and calculate the ‘ABSE’ for every column. For example if I have two columns:

enter image description here

It needs to calculate the ‘ABSE’ function for every column separately.

My code below fails. Can somebody help me?

This is what I tried, but I get a value error:

ValueError: non-broadcastable output operand with shape (1,1) doesn't  match the broadcast shape (1,2) 

This happens on the line:

 ---> 51     trainPredict = scaler.inverse_transform(trainPredict) 

the code:

def create_dataset(dataset, look_back=1):     dataX, dataY = [], []     for i in range(len(dataset)-look_back-1):         a = dataset[i:(i+look_back), 0]         dataX.append(a)         dataY.append(dataset[i + look_back, 0])         return numpy.array(dataX), numpy.array(dataY)  def ABSE(a,b):     ABSE = abs((b-a)/b)     return numpy.mean(ABSE)  columns = df[['Item1','Item2']]  for i in columns:     # normalize the dataset     scaler = MinMaxScaler(feature_range=(0, 1))     dataset = scaler.fit_transform(dataset)     # split into train and test sets     train_size = int(len(dataset) * 0.5)     test_size = 1- train_size     train, test = dataset[0:train_size,:],      dataset[train_size:len(dataset),:]     look_back = 1     trainX, trainY = create_dataset(train, look_back)     testX, testY = create_dataset(test, look_back)     trainX = numpy.reshape(trainX, (trainX.shape[0], 1, trainX.shape[1]))     testX = numpy.reshape(testX, (testX.shape[0], 1, testX.shape[1]))     # create and fit the LSTM network     model = Sequential()     model.add(LSTM(1, input_shape=(1, look_back)))     model.add(Dense(1))     model.compile(loss='mean_squared_error', optimizer='adam'), trainY, epochs=1, batch_size = 1, verbose = 0)     # make predictions     trainPredict = model.predict(trainX)     testPredict = model.predict(testX)     # invert predictions     trainPredict = scaler.inverse_transform(trainPredict)     trainY = scaler.inverse_transform([trainY])     testPredict = scaler.inverse_transform(testPredict)     testY = scaler.inverse_transform([testY])     # calculate root mean squared error     trainScore = ABSE(trainY[0], trainPredict[:,0])     print('Train Score: %.2f ABSE' % (trainScore))     testScore = ABSE(testY[0], testPredict[:,0])     print('Test Score: %.2f ABSE' % (testScore))     print(testY[0].T,testPredict[:,0].T)