Petrification and Animate object; Can you animate a petrified person? [duplicate]

I had a friend of mine asked me if someone could animate a creature that a gorgon or basilisk had turned to stone, and I couldn’t answer.

The Petrified status has one of the following as part of its rules.

A petrified creature is transformed, along with any nonmagical object it is wearing or carrying, into a solid inanimate substance (usually stone). Its weight increases by a factor of ten, and it ceases aging.

So, due to petrification, they are transferred into a solid, inanimate substance. Would that mean that a spell like animate object would be able to temporarily animate a petrified individual? Or does Petrification count as a magical condition and thus animate object cannot be used on the petrified individual? RAW, I’m guessing it can’t be used as the Petrified individual is still considered a creature.

Even without animate object, would you still be able to animate a petrified creature without removing the petrified status, or is it just impossible to animate petrified creatures?