PHP MVC render view method

I am working on creating a simple php MVC inspired framework (for learning purposes) and would like to know if my render view method and logic can actually be considered “efficient” as i have not really seen others like this, or if i can improve it.

What the method actually does is load either a single file, or an actual view through including the template, the way it does that is by checking which of the two options is set, and if the file exists. If neither setting is set or the file doesn’t exist, an error is set.

private function renderView(){      //If a single file should be loaded     if($  this->viewFile && file_exists(VIEWS_PATH.$  this->viewFile)){         require(VIEWS_PATH.$  this->viewFile);       //Render the template (the template renders the sent view)     }elseif($  this->viewName && file_exists(TEMPLATE_FILE_PATH)){         require(TEMPLATE_FILE_PATH);       //Save an error     }else{         echo 'Oops, something went wrong, we are looking into it!';         $  this->err->setError(array('err_cat' => 3, 'err_msg' => "View wasn't able to load"));     } } 

$ this->viewFile and $ this->viewName are sent to the constructor method from the controller and the constructor method calls this renderView method.

Any critique on this?