Picking adventures

So – I will finish Waterdeep Dragon Heist with my party on the next meeting.

They are some types of "trusted peoples" in the eyes of Lords Alliance, Enclave and Harpers. They are also in good relations in Blackstaff.

The party is a young human wizard, elf rouge, fire genasi warrior and the halfling druid, they are on 5th level. It’s our first campaign in D&D, and earlier we were playing Warhammer and Cthulhu. My party really like a mystery theme. They are also really like cities vibes.

I’m thinking what to do next? I look on all the pre-written campaigns for 5E and read some stuff about them. Now, I’m looking there for some advices.

The first idea was Storm King Thunder – cause my players really want to be in Forgotten Realms and experience as much as possible. But I’m a little afraid cause this book is huge.

The second idea was Out of the Abyss cause after killing Jarlaxle, being drow prisoners is an awesome start. But I’ve got a felling that this campaign is just a dungeon crawling stuff.

The third idea was Descent Into Avernus – cause all this stuff with saving the Baldurs Gate and fighting with all of this madness sounds cool, but I’m afraid that my players don’t want to leave the Forgotten Realms.

The fourth idea (probably the best) was Icewind Dale – Rime of the Frostmaiden cause that sounds really, really cool. I think that is a soft version of Storm King Thunder – because you are exploring one part of the world and there are mysteries, fighting and all the stuff that my friends really like, but I’m not 100% sure – as I was in picking Dragon Heist that was freaking amazing.

If you play this adventures or have some information about them – just share them with me – as I said, I’m looking for advices.