Please help: possible case of SMS spoof?

So the other night my boyfriend and I got some texts from a local number saying some hateful things. We both texted back and tried calling multiple times, but the number rang and went to a strange automated voicemail. My bf texted a few things and said to call back and finally he gets a text from a completely different phone number saying to call, they are ready. Bf calls and a man answers the phone. Bf says ‘hey you told me to call’ and the guy says he got a text message from him (bf) to call. We realized something wasn’t right. The guy was obviously asleep and so bf apologized and hung up. The next day we called the original number that texted and it went to the guy again who answered the previous night. We asked the guy his number and it was completely different than what we dialed. We hung up and dialed again and it went to the guy’s number again. I looked up call spoofing and it sounds like this may be what has happened. But I couldn’t understand why when we texted or called this first number (where we got the original crazy texts from) would then forward to a totally different number. Thoughts?