Plotting relationship between two variables when their relationship is given by a polynomial (2)

I would like to plot the following function $ p$ in the $ x$ -axis and $ V$ in the $ y$ -axis. The function is given by:

62.77142857142857*(6.5+2*(18.57 - V))*(0.005*p*(18.57-V)+(6.5+2 *(18.57-V))*V)*(0.01*p*(18.57-V)+(6.5+2*(18.57-V))*V)*(0.01 *(0.65+ 0.01*(18.57-V))+0.002275*(18.57-V)*V)+0.01*(65+0.0017499999999999998*(18.57-V))*(18.57-V)*((6.5 +2*(18.57-V))*V*(0.005*p*(18.57-V)+(6.5 +2*(18.57-V))*V)-(6.5+2*(18.57-V))*V*(0.01*p*(18.57-V)+(6.5 +2*(18.57-V))*V)+2*(0.005*p*(18.57-V)+ (6.5 +2*(18.57-V))*V)*(0.01*p*(18.57-V)+(6.5+2*(18.57-V))*V))*(-0.05869954325800593*(18.57-V)+0.39*(6.5+2*(18.57-V))*(0.01*(0.65+0.01*(18.57-V))+0.002275*(18.57-V)*V))=0

Can someone please help me with a code for this one?


I posted a similar question yesterday and @Bob Hanlon was kind enough to provide me with a very helpful code. I tried doing the same thing for this polynomial today, and Mathematica shows an error.

Thanks in advance!