[ Politics ] Open Question : George Floyd was on meth, fentanyl and had the coronavirus. Why aren’t people talking about that?

According to the official autopsy the medical examiner determined Floyd died from a heart attack not asphyxiation Google Methamphetamine and this comes up: Can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure. Google fentanyl and this comes up: Can cause respiratory distress and death when taken in high doses or when combined with other substances Google coronavirus symptoms and this comes up: Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing @skeptik: It sounds like you’re the one struggling with understanding English. This is what it says at the bottom:  “Manner of death classification is a statutory function of the medical examiner, as part of death certification for purposes of vital statistics and public health. Manner of death is not a legal determination of culpability or intent, and should not be used to usurp the judicial process. Such decisions are outside the scope of the Medical Examiner’s role or authority. ” @skeptik (con)- Do I need to dumb that down for you so you can understand it?