[ Politics ] Open Question : What is the problem with single payer?

EVERY modern country in the world has one and it’s not really a controversial thing and most of them generally pay less and get better results. Thousands of people in the US die every year because they don’t have access to healthcare, millions are un-insuranced, medical bills are the second leading cause that bankruptcy and 1 in 3 donations on GoFundMe are for medical bill and these problems are non-existent in any other developed country. The problem with private imsurance is that they don’t guarantee coverage and make a profit off of covering the least amount of people possible and can refuse coverage for any reason. Medical procedures can go into tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands and if your insurance decide it’s not going to pay for it or only partially pays for it you’re pretty much screwed. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies tend to price gouge but with single-payer the government will negotiate prices there for making it cheaper. The biggest talking points against it tend to be people bring up some isolated incident about long wait lines and treat it like it’s some kind of epidemic or the biggest one is they will bring up how it will be too expensive and cost 32 trillion over 10 years but will neglect to tell you that the same study said that the u.s. system as is will cost 34 trillion over 10 years.