[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do Democrats keep picking up House seats post-midterms?

Cisneros defeated Republican Young Kim on Saturday in the last of Orange County’s undecided House races, giving Democrats a clean sweep of the state’s six most fiercely fought congressional contests and marking an epochal shift in a region long synonymous with political conservatism. With Cisneros’ victory, Democrats will constitute the entirety of Orange County’s seven-member congressional delegation, the first time since the 1930s that the birthplace of Richard M. Nixon, home of John Wayne and spiritual center of the Republican Party will have no GOP representative in the House. Orange County goes blue, as Democrats complete historic sweep of its seven congressional seats This gives Democrats 45 of the state’s 53 House seats and mark a new low for the flailing Republican Party, which dominated the state and its politics for much of California’s history. Americans are sickened by the RACIST-HATE-MONGERING, and FEAR-MONGERING of Trump’s Fascist CULT-45 Republicans. I expect 2020 to finish wiping the SCUM like Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham out of American politics!