postgresql: filter with subquery and then insert

having the following query, my plan was to filter with the subquery first and then to INSERT:

INSERT INTO cals_new (listing_id,date,available,price,timestamp)                                          (SELECT listing_id,date,available,price,timestamp                                           FROM   cals c                                           WHERE  NOT EXISTS ( SELECT                                                                FROM   update                                                                WHERE  id =                                                                )); 

But EXPLAIN gives the following:


Insert on cals_new (cost=513077.42..5338467.65 rows=109800833 width=44) -> Merge Anti Join (cost=513077.42..5338467.65 rows=109800833 width=44) Merge Cond: ( = -> Index Scan using cals_pkey on cals c (cost=0.57..3958576.01 rows=113119496 width=44) -> Sort (cost=513076.85..521373.51 rows=3318663 width=8) Sort Key: -> Seq Scan on update (cost=0.00..62881.63 rows=3318663 width=8) 

If I understend the EXPLAIN output correctly, it does the expansive INSERT first, and only filters after.

How to optimise the query so that it works as expected? More specifically, filters with the subquery first and then does the INSERT?

Thank you!