Potential Hack (Macbook/Edge/Teams/Remote)

A kind disclaimer, i’m new to this network and i have checked the guidelines about the nature of my question with no luck and still not sure if this is an appropriate one, so my apologise if i’m overstepping.

I have noticed earlier that my Macbook Pro camera light was lit on – the screen is turned off but not sleeping – the entire time the device was not being used or touched, i logged in to investigate and i have found that Microsoft Edge (Chromium) was on with a few tabs, the moment i have tried to navigate through it, edge broke and shutdown unexpectedly.

I opened it again, tried to access last tabs (Cmd+Shift+T) with no luck, I went through the browsing history and i have found a url for Microsoft Teams was accessed (same url was accessed some hours before with different parameters)

The very interesting thing about it, the url was accessed twice at a time when no one was using the Macbook, which i’m willing to take but the fact that it was followed by a crash made things seem a bit suspicious, looking into the console the only thing i was able to find in the log around the crash time is this:

Microsoft Edge[356]: BUG in libdispatch client: mach_recv, monitored resource vanished before the source cancel handler was invoked { 0x7fad88231bf0[source], ident: 56579 / 0xdd03, handler: 0x110c94610 }

Is there any explanation to how or why would such thing happen? should i be concerned or meh? (Any additional info i can provide upon request)

PS: Energy Settings currently prevents the Macbook from sleeping so no worries there, just does not explain why would it access the url randomly and crash the browser without retrieval.