Potentially unusual open ports on my Mac [on hold]

I did a portscan recently for open ports on my mac and had some slightly unusual results:

enter image description here

I ran sudo lsof -n -i :{port} | grep LISTEN on all of these and got back associations with the following processes:

5432: postgres 6463: (blank response) 15292: Adobe\x20 15393: Adobe\x20 49376: node 49383: node 54321: ovpn 

I’m a developer working in node.js and postgres, so 5432 being open is not surprising. Adobe is Adobe. I’m running NordVPN, so ovpn is also expected, though I might expect it to be running on a different port.

What is a little strange is to see node claiming open ports when I don’t have any applications running, as well as the blank entry, though maybe that was ephemeral — it didn’t show back up on a second re-scan.

Are these unusual ports to be open even when I’m not currently running any node development servers on localhost? Also, what else can I do to make sure that I don’t have ports open ephemerally (or no) that are potentially inviting malicious traffic?