Practical experience around essence scarcity or lack thereof in Exalted 3E

We are converting from a previous editiont to e3 and to me it looks like essence is unlikely to become a scarce resource. I’m especially thinking of the rule that you regain 5 motes of Essence each combat turn, and that your regaining motes as time passes even when not resting.

p174 Core Rule Book

Characters with mote pools regain five motes of Essence at the end of each round while in combat, as the dynamism of battle stirs the world around them. Outside of battle, characters regain five motes per hour. In the most relaxed of times—such as when a character is asleep, meditating, or quietly reading—they respire Essence at a rate of 10 motes per hour.

I’m looking for practical experience from play on how this actually works out.

My assumption that is that there is something I’m not understanding and that somehow it becomes a scarce resource even in combat where you regain 5 essence a round. A perfect answere would include references to the rules, but also excamples of how they could be used. The ideal excamples for me are based on starting character solar or dragon blooded.