Prepare a user to perform an action before proceeding to the next step

I am designing an application that allows the users to train at home.

I have a step (let’s call it step 1) in which the user must be in a position in order to “sync” (step 2) with the app for the upcoming exercises. During that sync period (step 2) the user must move his body or simply move – the way he must move being presented through a video on the screen.

Let’s say the screen looks like this, with a title, a picture of the position the user must take and a small description. The call to action must again remind the user that he has to be in a position – in the example I used a general CTA.

Once the user the “CTA” button, the user proceeds to step 2. The step 2 screen looks similar to the step 1 screen, with the image being replaced by a video and the lack of a button. Once the sync is ready the user is prompted by a message (success or failure).

Current problems:

  • When the user goes from step 1 to step 2, he is not prepared to perform what he sees in the video in order to sync. First he has to read again what he’s supposed to do, even if I prepared him in the previous step on what he is supposed to do. By not moving when he reaches step 2 and waiting to process what he has to do, the step seems way harder than it actually is and sometimes the sync fails.

Already tried: moving the video, along with the initial position, to step 1 so he can preview what he is supposed to do. Sometimes the users will start performing in step 1 and they get tired and complain that the sync does not happen.

I am looking for any possible solution that would make the process easier and solve the problem.

Possible solution: I thought about this while writing this. When the user gets to step 2, inform him of what he has to do and add a big countdown when he can begin to perform that movement/action? Maybe during that countdown he can get prepared.