Preparing for so many quests on Dragon of Icespire peak

I am about to start Dragon of Icespire peak, and I’m a bit uncertain on how I should prepare for it: I read Slyflourish’s tips for DoIP, and I’m aware of some of its pitfalls, including low leveled characters, etc.

What I’m wondering is, how in a practical sense do you prepare for the optional quests on the job board? Let’s assume they have 3 quests to choose from on the job board, but which will be their choice? Who knows! This means that I have prepare for all 3, but there are so many details to remember that I will probably have to write them down and read a lot while they are adventuring, and this doesn’t sound good…

How did you go about preparing this first session where they have so many options to choose from? I imagine that any tips in here will be useful not only for the 1st set of quests but also the whole story *panics as fresh DM *