Prevent “invoked too many times per second” error in Google Apps Script

I have a Google spreadsheet consisting of different months on each tab. Every month, I add a new tab and another 50-75 rows. There are many tabs. There is a cell on each row which calls a custom function, like this:


The problem I am having is that I am getting the following error:

error: Script invoked too many times per second for this Google user account.

What can I do to prevent this error from occurring?

Is the problem because there are too many tabs, or too many rows per tab?

There must be a way to prevent the function from having to run more than once.

Here is a shortened version of the function that is called:

function myFunction(expense) { if (   InStr(1,expense,"CPC SCP") ||   InStr(1,expense,"CPC/SCP") ||   InStr(1,expense,"xxxx")   )   { category = "5530 - Postage Expense" }     else if (   InStr(1,expense,"PRE-AUTHORIZED PAYMENT") ||   InStr(1,expense,"xxx ")   )   { category = "9999 - Payment" }     else if (   InStr(1,expense,"PURCHASE INTEREST") ||   InStr(1,expense,"RETURNED PAYMENT FEE") ||   InStr(1,expense,"xxxx")   )   { category = "5070 - Bank Charges" }   else { category = "Not Sure" }  return category;    }