Primality testing algorithm

Say, I would like to check a hypothesis concerning primes. Something like “there exists a prime between $ n$ and $ 2n$ for every choice of $ n$ “. I would like to run a code in MATLAB for choices of $ n$ upto $ 2^{32}$ and then use that data and publish the conjecture in a journal.

The question is, what should I use to check primality. Obviously, AKS is an option but it is really really slow. I can use the in-built MATLAB function $ isprime()$ which I think uses $ 10$ instances of Miller-Rabin. This will be way faster but the journal might reject this saying that Miller Rabin is probabilistic and that I should instead use a deterministicalgorithm since one exists.

What should I do? Use AKS? Go with MATLAB’s inbuilt Miller-Rabin? Or look at other deterministic algorithms?

I don’t think this is the best place to ask this. However I could not find where else to ask. Any suggestions?