Problem installing Ubuntu in a laptop with Intel Optane

I am new in Linux and I am trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in my laptop with a Dual Boot with Windows 10. My laptop is an Asus with 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD and 16GB Intel Optane. The problem is that Ubuntu doesn’t show any partition of Windows, neither the HDD. It only shows the Kingston USB. I’m adding links to images with what happens and when happens.

  • This is what happens when I restart my laptop and I try to install Ubuntu from my Kingston USB. It doesn’t show the HDD, and it only shows my 4GB USB. This happens in the option “Try Ubuntu without installing” and in the option “Install Ubuntu” directly.

  • These are some things that appear in the BIOS configuration, like the option to change the SATA Mode Selection. Here I change the SATA Mode Selection from “Intel RST Premium With Intel Optane System Acceleration” to “AHCI”. Here are some photos of the SATA ports and the Boot option. But I have only changed the Sata Mode Selection.

  • After changing the Sata Mode Selection, if I try to start my laptop with Windows 10, it gives me an error, and at the moment of trying to install Ubuntu, it shows the USB and also shows my 16gb Intel Optane. But it still doesn’t show the HDD.

  • Here is a picutre with my laptop specs and the website where I have bought the laptop. Sorry for the spanish, I didn’t find the laptop in Amazon or other web in English.

I would be very grateful to anybody that could help me to install Ubuntu. I haven’t found a lot of information about this problem with Optane and Ubuntu.

Here’s a link to the original post with links to the images because I dont’ have enough reputation to put more than 8 links: