Problem with the algorithm

I am trying to execute the following algorithm shown in the image. I am trying to get the table shown in the image:

Backtracking Algorithm

1st Iteration L2: 1:CS=A, SL = A, NSL = A L3: while NSL!=[]: true L4: L6:no children: false L17:NSL =BCDA L18:CS:=B L19:SL=BA L20, L21 2nd Iteration L3:While NSL (true) L4: L6:no children: false L17: NSL=EFBCDA L18: CS:=E L19:SL:= EBA L20, L21 3rd Iteration L3:while NSL (true) L4: L6:no children: false L17:NSL= HIEFBCDA L18: CS:= H L19:SL:=HEBA L20, L21

At this point its fine but when there are no more children of current node, it has to backtrack, so it should execute the while loop, at that point I am losing the track: L3:while NSL(true) L4: L6:no children: true L7:begin L8:while SL is not empty (true) and CS:=H L9: DE=H L10:SL=EBA L11:NSL=IEFBCDA L12:CS=I L14:SL= IEBA

Now it should keep traversing the while loop but I am having problem with this. Somebody please correct this algorithm or guide me a better backtracking algorithm which has the contents of table.