Problem with the Table function when adding together

I am a newbie, I have a problem with the Table. Can anyone explain to me understand? For example> I did the expression Qk1, Qk2 with table function such : Qk1=Table[A[[i+1,1]].B,{i,0,4], Qk2=Table[C[[i+1,1]].D,{i,0,4] and then make Qk=Qk1+Qk2.

When I call again Qk to calculate another expression Mk=Qk[[i+1,1]].X, it only understands that Qk is Qk1 if I change Qk[[i+1,1]] to Qk[[i+1,2]] it understands that Qk now is Qk2.

For clearly: Results from Qk1={a,b,c,d}, and Qk2={e,f,g,h} => Qk={a+e,b+f,c+g,d+h} When calculating Mk=Qk[[i+1,1]].X the result is Mk={ax,bx,cx,dx} while Mk=Qk[[i+1,2]].X the result is Mk={ex,fx,gx,hx}. Following logically,It should be Mk={(a+e)x,(b+f)x,(c+g)x,(d+h)x}