Problems With StreamPlot

I have the following vector functions:

$ $ E=\left\langle \cos\left[\frac{\pi x}{5}\right]\sin\left[\frac{\pi y}{4}\right], \sin\left[\frac{\pi x}{5}\right]\cos\left[\frac{\pi y}{4}\right], \sin\left[\frac{\pi x}{5}\right] \sin\left[\frac{\pi y}{4}\right] \right\rangle$ $

$ $ B=\left\langle -\sin\left[\frac{\pi x}{5}\right]\cos\left[\frac{\pi y}{4}\right], \cos\left[\frac{\pi x}{5}\right]\sin\left[\frac{\pi y}{4}\right],0 \right\rangle$ $

And I’d like to graph each of these in a different plane, so I want to know what they look like in the $ xy$ , $ xz$ , and $ yz$ planes. Using stream plot I got a graph of the view in the $ xy$ plane that I was happy with but with the other perspectives I’m finding them difficult to plot and I think it’s because I have to use $ x$ and $ y$ bounds for StreamPlot. So, I’m wondering if there is a way to graph these vector fields in the $ xz$ and $ yz$ plots so that I have functions that aren’t varying with respect to the $ z$ axis? Because, for example, right now what I’m doing is just replacing the $ x$ component with the $ z$ component and graphing but since my $ z$ component is in terms of $ x$ it changes with the bounds which I don’t want it to do.