Program finds the first almost matching string in a list – Advent Of Code 2018 Day 2 Part 2

The code checks a list of strings to find two that match apart from a character at one position. So “abc” and “abz” would match.

I’m very green with Clojure, so feedback about any aspect of this code is appreciated.

(require 'clojure.set)  (def not-empty? (complement empty?))  (def input-lines (line-seq ( "")))  ;; Given a string ;; Return a set of similar strings, with an asterisk replacing each character ;; eg "abc" gives #{[\* b c] [a \* c] [a b \*]} (defn get-match-patterns [id]   (set (map #(assoc (vec id) % \*) (range (count id)))))  ((fn [ids seen-patterns]   (when (empty? ids)     (throw (Exception. "Didn't find match")))    (let [[next-id & other-ids] ids         match-patterns (get-match-patterns next-id)         matches (clojure.set/intersection match-patterns seen-patterns)]     (if (not-empty? matches)       (prn (apply str (filter #(not= \* %) (first matches))))       (recur other-ids (apply conj seen-patterns match-patterns))))) input-lines #{})