ProgressIndicator with Monitor seems to update to 0 and then back to correct number

I am monitoring a large function that reads in filenames, performs operations and saves multiple files to different folders. This works without issue, but I like to be able to monitor in case it stalls at a certain file so that I can check if something is wrong.

Monitor[  Table[myfun[filename[[n]]], {n, 1,     numfiles}],  Row[{ProgressIndicator[n, {1, numfiles}],     ToString[N[100 (n - 1)/numfiles]] <> "%"}, " "]] 

For the most part, the progress bar works correctly, but when it initially moves to a new file the n% and progress bar resets to 0%, before getting back to the correct % complete and process. Is there something wrong with how I have used these functions? Thanks.