Projects Taking Forever to Stop

Hi Sven,

Thanks for your great work and continuous updates to all your software products.

However, I’m having this challenge when wanting to stop running Projects to either update the program or restart my server. It will say “stopping” and just remain there for the next hours.

The only option has been to use the exit button. However, when it closes this way, I have noticed that most verified links have not been saved. It starts re-verifying and then you have a lot lost verified links compared to what it had verified just before the forceful exit.

This is more concerning especially when you want to stop a single project from running and letting other run. The program simply tries ending threads that never seem to want to end.

How does one terminate current running threads? Because this seems to be the problem. Some thread just never seem to finish.

This is important because obviously it means that even when you assumed the program was running fine with all the threads you expected were working fine, some of them were just stuck and using up your system resource.

Thanks for your usual genius solutions.