Promotion of your videos on YouTube for $15

Hello, dear Friends! One of the key parameters of video and channel promotion on YouTube are views. The more qualitative and quantitative the views, the faster the channel rotates in the system. *** I offer you high-quality views for your videos on YouTube This is done by real people. *** Number of views in this offer: 10,000 *** My conditions: – The minimum number of videos in one order is 5! – The maximum number of views for one video in this order is 2000! – The maximum number of videos in this order is UNLIMITED! *** Description of the quality of views: – retention. around 20% with a video duration of no more than 15 minutes – non drop. i provide a lifetime warranty on all views – traffic. social networks – new view – new IP *** Attention!!! The process is monitored by automation. If it is not our views that start to arrive or disappear on the video declared in the order, the video is automatically removed from the process! Accordingly, screenshots and figures as evidence will be presented at the completion of the order in the presence of controversial situations. Be careful when creating an order!

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