Property “Centroid” of result from ConvexHullMesh[] can not be extracted

As the title describes, specifically, simple code below

ConvexHullMesh[RandomReal[1, {10, 2}]]["Centroid"] 

returns an error in V. 12.2, but it worked in V. 12.1.1 as far as I remember


Is it a bug introduced by the new version? Or is there another way to get the centroid?


I just find it that not only "Centroid", but also extractions of other "Properites" fail; except for "BoundaryPolygons".

Update 2

To make this problem more understandable, let me make some modifications to the code.

mesh = ConvexHullMesh[RandomReal[1, {10, 2}]]; mesh["Properties"] 

This would return a long List of strings as the properties mesh has. And then


would return something, at least without any error message, where str is arbitrary one of the elements of the aforementioned property List; very much like OOP (objective-oriented programming). And that is what would happen in former versions like V. 12.1.1.

However now in V. 12.2, mesh["Centroid"] fails, even though "Centroid" can be found in that property List of mesh.