Putlocker not working on Ubuntu 19.04

I have recently installed Ubuntu 19.04 on my Laptop. While You tube and other similar streaming sites seems to be working fine, Putlocker.plus does not work at all. The website has been shown below: –


On Firefox, it does not even let me click on the screen and seems to freeze as if the video is an image (with faint dotted lines around the play button), while on chromium is seems to try and load but does not run at all. In addition to this both video recorders dont recognise that there is a video when I am on putlocker, but seem to be fine when operating youtube.

Please note that the website used to work on my older version of Ubuntu perfectly and also works on my Mac book. Both OS’s also allowed me to download the videos. So I know it is definitely a software issue and not a problem with the site.

Would appreciate it if you could provide me with a quick step by step solution. I am on skype or whatsapp should you wish to get in touch with me.