Python: Quick Sort

How to improve this code? In C++ we use templates to write function for all data types. How to write such code in python?

def get_input(): #to get input from user     input_str = input("Enter elements to be sorted: ")     try:         lst = list(map(int, input_str.split())) #make a list of integers from input string     except:         raise TypeError("Please enter a list of integers only, seperated by a space!!")     return lst  def partition(thelist, start_idx, end_idx): #partition list according to pivot and return index of pivot     pivot = thelist[end_idx] #select last element as the pivot     idx = start_idx - 1      for curr_idx in range(start_idx, end_idx):         if thelist[curr_idx] <= pivot:             idx += 1             thelist[idx], thelist[curr_idx] = thelist[curr_idx], thelist[idx] #swapping      thelist[idx+1], thelist[end_idx] = thelist[end_idx], thelist[idx+1 #swapping     return idx+1 #returning pivot index  def quick_sort(thelist, start_idx, end_idx):     if len(thelist) == 0:         print("Empty list!!")      elif len(thelist) == 1:         print("Only one element!!")      elif start_idx < end_idx:         pivot_idx = partition(thelist, start_idx, end_idx) #get pivot index         quick_sort(thelist, start_idx, pivot_idx - 1) #apply algorithm for smaller list         quick_sort(thelist, pivot_idx + 1, end_idx) #apply algorithm for smaller list  if __name__ == '__main__':     input_list = get_input()     quick_sort(input_list, 0, len(input_list) - 1)     print(*input_list, sep = ", ")