Question about Linux kernel and ARM architecture

I am second-year CS student, I know C, OOP concepts, x86 architecture, reverse engineering basics, TCP/IP stack and OS concepts, also I love Linux OS. I have just one question: Is it a mandatory to learn in depth a Linux kernel and develop some low-level stuff like kernel drivers before I dive into a binary exploitation in ARM (I’m not a total newbie, I’ve developed some very basic exploits for x86 arch, but I want to build a carrier in ARM exploitation)? I want to enter the security field ASAP and I don’t want to waste a lot of time. P.S.: I know, that I will need to learn Linux kernel somewhen, and it’s cool, but the most important question is – can I learn it AFTER the ARM binary exploitation and get my first job when I’m really good at binary exploitation without knowing a Linux kernel in REAL depth