Question on links and files

Hello. I started testing the program and there were some difficulties. For earlier I apologize for the text, as the translation is from I don’t know English.

1) Macro #file_links[]=file&s[]=links&s[]=names&s[]=dat&s[]=2#file_links_filename_or_url_number_of_lines_line_output

I want to display 1 line at each call in order. No matter how I prescribe it:

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,NP]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,SP]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,LP]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,NP]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,SP]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,LP]

The same keys are output anyway. And if you put

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,N]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,S]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,L]

Then random entries are displayed, which I do not need.

I need to output in order:

Anchor 1

Anchor 2

Anchor 3

Ancro N

Anchor 1

2) I also want to output a random piece of article from the file




Here also, either the output goes to the same parts of the article, or all the lines are random.

I want to display a random piece of article in different places in order.

3) I want to put my links and link pictures in the text fields.

No matter how I put it, part is still cut out, and the pictures have never been displayed.

Tried these options:

<a href=””><img src=””/></a>


<a href=””><b>#file_links[C:\ankors.txt,1,NP]</b></a>


But if I manually register on the site and insert my text with links and pictures, then it is displayed correctly without problems.

Please help me solve these problems. Thank you!