Questions regarding Strife in L5R 5E

I’ll be directing a game of L5R for the first time and I have some questions about Strife at L5R 5e (the one by Fantasy Flight Games). I might have missed the answers in the core rulebook as I’ve been reading it jumping from one page to another, but I haven’t found the answers there.

1) Can I offer assistance (page 26) while I’m Compromised (Page 30)?

2) Can I keep results with Strife while I’m Compromised if I’m using assistance and my budies take Strife for me?

3) Regarding combat and stances (page 251), can I keep results with Strife if I’m using the void stance?

4) Also regarding combat and stances, does a success with strife count as a double success?

Thank you for your time reading my questions!