Really Struggling On A Particular Page

Hey guys, literally stumped at a certain page I am trying to rank. Here is the URL

Trying to rank for the keyword "Questrade Review"

I currently sit 12th, but it fluctuates between 8-12. Now, according to ahrefs, I’ve got the stronges PA out of all the sites, and most of them by a wide margin. I mean I know it isn’t the be all end all, but in my time of doing this I have come to trust Ahrefs PA heavily. With a PA of 25, I am the highest, and I’m getting outranked by most that are 10 or 12. Some of these sites only have 1 or 2 domains linking to them.

I’ve got 36 domains linking to me, some very high quality. And these were all manual grunt work outreach to acquire them. The site that ranks number one literally does not have a single do follow backlink pointing to it, and it ranks for 1 and 2 for both Questrade Review (3600 a month) and Questrade (13 000 a month.)

I will admit, my anchor text profile is a little heavy, weighted 21% towards Questrade Review and 8% towards Questrade. But, I really don’t think it’s too crazy to be being penalized for it.

Am I just getting hit by some sites with PBNs vaulting these pages up? It is a lucrative keyword, as Questrade is a Canadian brokerage that pays a decent amount when you get users to sign up. I’m at a loss here right now, as I’ve built this page up much like I would any other page. User experience metrics aren’t bad at all either. Bounce rate of 80 percent, which I would imagine is typical for a review page and a time on page of almost 4 minutes.

The review is number one on bing, but there is just something Google HATES about this page. Any insight would be much appreciated. I’ve been doing this a long time now, and I’ve had a ton of success bringing our pages to the top. But this one has me just completely stumped. I mean, I could try and bring more links to it, but I’m not exactly sure it is the links that are even a factor right now.