Recovery of files from a zip containing a directory (unencrypted) and 3 files (encrypred – ZipCrypto Deflate), possibe use of bkcrack?

I have a zip file, consisting of a directory Example and three files *.dat. I can see the names of all 3 files. The dat files are encrypted (ZipCrypto Deflate). I’m interested to know if I can use bkcrack, and am aware of the required:

at least 12 bytes of contiguous plaintext.

My system has a modern 6c/12t CPU, and an older GPU.

  1. Can I use anything about the directory or filenames themselves for the required plaintext?
  2. If 1 is not possible what hints/course of action can I take to derive the 12 (or more) bytes.

I just need the files.