Recursive Call Inside Argument List (C++)

So, my professor asked me to implement recursion in different ways to compute $ a^n$ (a and n being integers) and rank them according to their space efficiency. Now, here is one of the methods I came up with:

  int Power (int a, int n)  { if ( n == 0 )   return 1;    if ( n % 2 == 0)   return Power(Power(a, n/2), 2);    else return Power(Power(a, n/2), 2)*a;   } 

The code compiles well, but leads to a segmentation fault. On debugging, I came to the conclusion that recursive call within the argument list is not acceptable. That is, something like

  return Power(Power(a, n/2), 2) 


  int m = Power(a, n/2);   return Power(m, 2); 

is not allowed but

  int m = Power(a, n/2);   return m*m; 

is allowed. Why is this the case? Is this true only in C++, or is it a general phenomenon?