Redesign of megamenu

I’ve been asked to redesign a mega menu.

The mega menu lists selected child items from a particular parent in the IA, but not all children. There must therefore be an option to ‘view all’ from a particular branch in the mega menu.

The two options open to me are: enter image description here

  1. There is no page for a generic ‘Household goods’ but there are pages for individual sub headings which the user can access by clicking ‘View all’ at the end of each list “show me a page where I can browse all household goods of type X”.

  2. There are no pages for each sub category but there is a page for ‘Household goods’ which lists an assortment of household goods “show me a page that lists everything”.

I can see pros and cons for each but I was wondering if there is specific evidence that would help me favour one over the other?