Redirect Ip Address (not dns) with Router [closed]

I have an IOT System that works the following way: The IOT bridge makes a TCP Handshake with a server in china with a static ip address 47.255… (bridge sends syn the china server sends syn ack and then bridge ack)

Then the bridge sends MQTT Connect Command to the chinese server (This includes a client id, user name, and a password) The server just sends an accept back.

After that I can use a smartphone app to control the bridge: The smartphone sends a MQTT packet to the china server and the server sends the exact same packet to the bridge (Only the source/destination ips and mac addresses get changed from server to bridge)

I want to remove the chinese server completely from this equation and want to simulate it with my own pc.

So my pc should get every packet that gets send to the chinese ip. The bridge is in wifi so I have to change this in the router.

Are there easy ways to redirect ip addresses with your router? Or is it possible to directly modify the packets with the router and change the ip address of the packet.

The Bridge doesn’t use dns to find the chinese ip address so I can’t use a pihole or similar dns spoofing tools.

And if this works I guess my pc has to spoof it’s source ip address in the packages to the chinese server or the tcp protocol won’t accept the connection with different destinations–>sources.