Remove Author Links

I’m trying to remove the author pages as well as the links to the author pages on my wordpress website powered by Divi.

First, I disabled author archives and pages with the Yoast plugin.

Then, I used a short CSS snippet to disable the mouse pointer. It’s working correctly, but the balise was still existing. Meaning, the search engine bots were getting a 301 redirect when requesting the document.

So, I asked some guys on a Divi forum and they provided me the following snippet

<script>     jQuery(function($  ){         $  (".author a").attr("href", "#");     }); </script> 

So, I added it. Nevertheless, there was still a link looping on the same page. If I can see it in the source code, the googlebot can too.

Here it is in the source code

And I don’t want it to waste its ressources on looping on the same page.

So, then I tried this snippet:

<script>     jQuery(function($  ){         $  (".author a").removeAttr("href");     }); </script> 

What it looks in the source code

While in the source code it seems "ok", when I crawl the website with Screaming Frog, it still finds many /author/ pages. But when I explore the source code of the "origin" pages, I don’t find any link containing /author/ or the author name… (I flushed out the cache already)

I’ve been spending hours on this topic already. I’m open to any idea.