remove comment from apache cfg file with augeas

How do I get augeas to remove the comment from an apache config file?

This is very close but I’m having trouble understanding it. I’m not following how the line “defvar kerncomment” works and how it enables the script to be idempotent.

I created a simplify httpd.conf

LoadModule substitute_module modules/ #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/  LoadModule proxy_module modules/ #LoadModule suexec_module modules/  LoadModule disk_cache_module modules/ 

I can find the line I want to uncomment in augtool

defvar conf /files//etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
match $ conf//*[label() = ‘#comment’][. = ‘LoadModule suexec_module modules/’]

I tried to insert a node but it shows up after the next command

ins directive after $ conf//*[label() = ‘#comment’][. = ‘LoadModule suexec_module modules/’]