Remove invalid “moving” entry from Google Maps’ Timeline?

Is there some hidden way to remove an invalid “moving” (driving/flying/…) entry from the Google Maps timeline without deleting the whole day? For “stops” there’s a menu next to it where I can remove it, but there is no such menu for the entry that’s actually incorrect…

Unfortunately pretty much everything found on Google about this is just about disabling the whole feature (which I don’t want, because I consider it useful – when it works correctly!)

In case anyone wonders how this happened in the first place: I’m currently on a ship and I forgot to disable location services on my phone. Usually I turn them on only when on deck / going to shore, but since I left them enabled, they ended up using the Wifi networks to determine the location as there’s no GPS reception inside the ship. But since the ship’s network is found all over the world (wherever the ship is), it gives me completely wrong locations (sometimes just the wrong country, sometimes it even puts me in the US even though I’m in europe).