Remove pagination from e-commerce category page while preserving SEO text relevance

I am administering an e-commerce website where currently we have pagination implemented on every category page.

On the first page of each category, we have SEO text in the bottom – a description of the category which helps our page to rank higher in search results. In many cases, it is long enough to make it impractical to place it at the top of the page.

I am flirting with the idea of converting our structure to an “infinite scroll” experience, to remove pagination altogether. I realise that this would yield some SEO benefits.

However, I am seriously worried that a lengthy list of products would dilute the importance of our category description at the bottom. I remember reading somewhere that Google places more importance on the content which is higher on the page.

Has anyone tried to implement the “infinite scroll” and did you notice any serious changes in your ranking? Or maybe you have an idea as to how it will affect the relevance of the category description at the bottom of the page?