Resolution Stuck at 640×480

I am running Kubuntu (not sure which 18.xx) and I have a problem where I can’t change the resolution. I have a 550ti (I know, old) connected to my monitor through mini-hdmi>hdmi>DVI 24+1. When I connect it instead by doing DVI 24+5>VGA it goes to something like 1280×1050, but I still can’t change it (my VGA input on my monitor is messed up so I prefer to use the hdmi-DVI route). This all started when I installed NVIDIA drivers for use with hashcat. After restarting, the problems occurred. I tried force-changing it with xrandr but it outputted failed to set gamma and also configure crtc 0 failed. I also did a fresh install of Kubuntu while keeping my home directory, but the problem still remains. I believe I read somewhere that there was a way to actually force change the output using a file, but that’s all I know so maybe you could help me with that? Thanks in advance.