Resource Recommendations for Mathematica in Theoretical Physics

I know there are a lot of resources available out there for learning Wolfram Language. However, I would like to create a specific query here (which might lead to a useful thread in the future). I would be soon starting a PhD in Sting Theory and would like to learn Mathematica to make my life easy. Hence, I am looking for resources that I can use to learn Mathematica that I would be used in string theory research. As of what I know right now, there are three broad classifications of the tasks that a Theoretical physicist would be undertaking,

  1. Complicated algebraic tasks, which may involve vectors, tensors etc and their manipulations. This may also involve tasks like using differential operators, differntial forms and all sorts of algebras like lie algebra, super symmertic algebra etc.

  2. The numerical solution to eigenvalue problems, differential equations etc, which may involve use of several data structures like lists and tables.

  3. Simulation and/or data analysis and visulatization (plots etc).

I know no single book would teach all the three sorts. But can someone recommend books, resources, courses etc for each type or something? Please feel free to add to the list if I have missed a particular classification.