Responsive input sliders – is there a better way?

I am building an app where a user controls inputs via multiple sliders each with discrete steps. The app then uses the combination of slider values to run some calculations and returns back an output value.

The sliders are meant to be highly responsive, so the user can immediately see the impact of their input combination on the output value -so I have resorted to eagerly calculating ALL possible combinations of sliders and letting the client query the results in the browser itself for faster response times.

The problem is that the number of possible combinations can seriously explode. If I have 5 inputs each with 10 steps, that is 5^10 = 9.8 million possible combinations! That’s way too expensive to calculate eagerly.

Is there a better way to do this? I could try to restrict the number of sliders that can be moved at any point, to lower the solution space…but wondering if there’s a better solution out there.